1. Our offer

Travel agency “Imota Touristik”, is involved in mediation and booking in the owner’s name and for his account, and thus ensures the guest accommodation. Also, we rent cars, vans, boats, scooters, bikes, boats, organizing trips and transfers.

2.Reservation and payment

Requests for accommodation should be sent electronically, by mail or in person at the agency. When booking, the customer confirms that he is familiar with the General Conditions. In this way, all of this becomes a legal obligation for the customer and the agency.

Booking can be made only with advance payment and the remaining amount must be paid 60 days before arrival.

3.Price of service

The price of accommodation includes the basic service as described in the reservation: daily rental, linens, towels, equipped kitchen with dishes and cutlery, water, electricity, air conditioning, parking, and taxes.

Special services are not included in the price (breakfast, renting a boat…) and should be paid separately.

Prices are approved by the owner of the house, which has the right to change them in coordination with Imota Touristik tourist agency.

For the stay less than seven days the price is 30% higher.

If the case of changing the prices of units after the application and before the advance payment, the agency is required to inform the customer about it and send him the new bill. For customers who have paid the deposit, the agency ensures that the rest of them will be paid based on the calculation on which guest had booked the accommodation.

4.Service description

Accommodation units are described according to the official categorization of the authorized institution. Standards of accommodation, food, and other services in some places are different and not comparable.

Each guest should be accepted in a clean and tidy accommodation unit. For guests staying longer than one-week bed linen and towels will change.

Guests enter in the accommodation unit after 15.00h on the day of arrival and leaving the unit till 10.00h on the day of departure. The key to the accommodation will be given to the guests in the unit by the owner or a representative of the agency.

5.Agency’s right to changes and cancellations

The agency has the right to change or cancel the reservation if before or during vacation appear unexpected circumstances that can not be avoided or eliminated. Agency than with the help of the owner offers guests alternative accommodation, but only with the permission and consent of the customer. Offered accommodation should be the same or higher category and same price like initial accommodation.

6.Customer’s right to changes and cancellations

If the customer wishes to change or cancel a reservation made at his request, it should be done in writing.

In case of any confirmed reservation, the date of receipt of the written cancellation is used for the calculation of costs:

1. Up to 61 days prior to the arrival date Imota Touristik return to 70% of the amount paid in advance less bank costs money transfer and agency fees.

2. From 60 to 31 days prior to the arrival date, Imota Touristik return to 40% of the amount paid in advance less bank costs money transfer and agency fees.

3. From 30-0 days before arrival, we reserve the entire amount paid in advance.

If the guest does not arrive until midnight on the arrival day, and he did not pre-informed agency or service provider, the reservation will be canceled and the costs are calculated as described above.

7.Obligations of agencies and owners

The agency’s obligation to take care of services and the choice of the owner and the rights and interests in accordance with the common law. The owner shall ensure that the client receives all the services and therefore are responsible to the client for the possible failure of the services or part of the service. The agency and the owner exclude any liability in case of changes and default services brought about by force measures.

8.Guest Obligations

The customer is required to:

– Have valid travel documents
– Respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Croatian
– The rules for the unit located in and cooperate with the owner or the agency in good faith
– Owner fully compensates the damage in each unit located.
Guest will bear the responsibility and costs incurred for default.

9.Resolving complaints

Guest has the right to ask for compensation for the services he paid. The guest has to submit a written complaint.

Procedures on the complaint:
– If the guest is not satisfied with the condition of the accommodation, should immediately upon arrival to report and agency immediately present owner.

The guest is required to cooperate with the agency and the owner in order to rectify the problem. If the complaint is valid and the service not satisfactory, the agency will do everything that the guest receives an acceptable solution corresponds to a service that he paid. Agency or owner shall not as a guest replacement accommodation offer accommodation of lower value.

– If the guest leaves the accommodation at their own initiative and find other accommodations, and so the agency does not provide for the agency to resolve the issue, he has no right to seek a refund or compensation for damages.

– No later than 8 days after returning from the vacation must submit a written complaint to the agency (with the report signed by the owner about the situation and eventually caused costs). Agency is required to resolve the complaint within 14 days from the date of receiving the complaint. Customer refrains from mediation by any other person, court or giving information to the media until the agency reaches a decision. This excludes the guest’s right to compensation for indirect damage. If the client did not complain about the spot or did not file a written appeal within 8 days after returning from the road, the agency will not accept the complaint.

10.Court Jurisdiction

If the guest is not satisfied with the solution he has a right to go to court. In such a case shall be referred to the Commercial Court in Split.


Do not accept any claims for deals at the last minute or for accommodations on sale (action)!

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